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Care for Infants

Playing toddler who has visited a chiropractor for children in Cockburn

Childbirth is a traumatic event that can have a significant effect on an infant's musculoskeletal system. The result may be dysfunction in the cranium, neck or back which can lead to not only pain, but also distress as the infant is unable to communicate these tender areas.

At Success Chiropractic, we evaluate an infant's neuromuscular system and provide gentle, non-invasive treatment to correct areas of dysfunction in the spine and relieve surrounding muscles of increased tension. Infants are treated quite differently to adults, most techniques will use as much force as would be required to blanch a tomato.
Chiropractic care may assist with neonatal concerns including some causes of feeding difficulties, unsettled babies and sleeping problems. A Chiropractor can also monitor the development of an infant's nervous system and screen for developmental delay.

Care for Toddlers

Playing toddler who has visited a chiropractor for children in Cockburn

Toddlers are full of energy and enthusiasm to explore their surroundings. As your toddler progresses from crawling to walking there will surely be lots of tumbles and falls along the way.

Chiropractic assessment of this age group focuses on symmetry of movements, developmental milestones, spinal and musculoskeletal development. At Success Chiropractic, the aim is to provide gentle, low-impact treatment in a fun and engaging environment using a combination of toys, puppets and friendly faces. Treatment consists of light adjustments, massage and mobilizations often using toddler's own weight and natural movements.

Some conditions Chiropractors can assist with in this age group include toe walking, asymmetry of limb movements, spinal and limb dysfunction as well as increased tension or weakness of the muscular system. Chiropractors are also well trained to assess developmental concerns such as walking difficulties, balance and co-ordination concerns.

Care for Children

Playing toddler who has visited a chiropractor for children in Cockburn

We are often amazed at the energy and liveliness of our children, at times it seems they never stop moving! As well as beginning to play sport, ride bikes and scooters children must also begin to sit for prolonged periods in the classroom and focus on learning.

This is the age when poor postural habits begin that can manifest into spinal pain later in life. Children are also more adventurous and less cautious during playtime and when learning new skills in sport. For these reasons injuries are more likely to occur and treating these early can make a significant difference later in life.

Chiropractic care for children involves similar techniques used on adults, however less force is used and children will typically respond much quicker to treatment. As well as this, at Success Chiropractic we aim to develop a healthy nervous system by training balance and co-ordination through various games and other strategies that kids find fun and exciting.
Some children in this age group can benefit from other modalities such as yoga and relaxation classes which are also run from the Success Chiropractic clinic.

Care for Teenagers

Playing toddler who has visited a chiropractor for children in Cockburn

The teenage years mark the transition from child to adulthood. With this comes significant growth as well as body changes as hormones begin to take effect.
Growth spurts can cause considerable changes in posture. These changes are compounded by the prolonged periods of studying as schoolwork becomes more challenging as well as the excessive weight of schoolbags. Sporting commitments become more physically demanding, particularly with the transition to full contact in many popular sports at this age. For these reasons spinal and musculoskeletal health for teenagers is an important health issue, one often overlooked.

At Success Chiropractic, Chiropractic care for teenagers is patient-specific; meaning the individual issues of each patient is taken into account when formulating a treatment plan. This is the age when correct methods of stretching and postural correction can be helpful, as well as adjustments, mobilizations and massage.

Some teenage conditions that Chiropractic care can help include back and neck pain, headaches, sporting injuries, limb and joint pain. Some teenagers may also benefit from age specific yoga classes or relaxation classes to help deal with the stresses of high school and exams.

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