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Care for Adults

An elderly woman after deep tissue massage in Cockburn

As adults, we may find ourselves focused on the family, professional and social aspects of life. Often health and well-being are directly related to these aspects, as such patterns of illness or dysfunction can be common to certain job positions, family roles or social habits.

For instance, manual labour workers will typically experience low back pain, whereas an office worker will be prone to develop headaches and mid-back pain. It is important to recognize how our lifestyle affects our body as well as our overall health and at Success Chiropractic these contributing factors are identified and addressed as part of a treatment plan. Treating the injury is important, but addressing the causative factors to reduce the likelihood of re-injury must also be the focus of quality care.

For this reason, as well as adjustments, massage and mobilizations, care will also focus on rehabilitation of ergonomics, posture, and the entire musculoskeletal system.
Patient-specific care is specific in its goals; this may be to train new ways of lifting at work, or to educate on ways to reduce upper body tension while sitting at a desk, or just involve simple changes to your sleeping habits. Ultimately, the goal is to restore function while preventing re-injury. Other aspects of care may include yoga, nutritional advice and exercise programs tailored to each individual.

Care for Seniors

An elderly woman after deep tissue massage in Cockburn

As we age we undoubtedly gain wisdom, but often this is offset by losses in flexibility, mobility and stamina. Years of hard work take their toll physically and for this reason the elderly are more likely to suffer degenerative arthritis and the associated joint and muscle pains.

Chiropractic care can assist by maintaining movement and range of motion of joints, relieving muscle tension or weakness and assisting in pain relief from ageing related musculoskeletal problems. A Chiropractor can also advise on suitable safe exercise choices to keep you active and advise on walking aides, falls prevention, balance and co-ordination training. Specialized yoga classes are also run for seniors at the Success Chiropractic Yoga studio.

At Success Chiropractic seniors receive pensioner discounts and treatment plans will be designed to suit individual requirements. Bulk billing of x-rays means no hefty out-of-pocket expenses, and there are no hidden costs or compulsory treatment schedules; we will work within your budget to deliver quality treatment in a considerate and caring manner.

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